The wife decided to check her husband’s phone

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The wife decided to check her husband’s phone and discovered a list of names that made her suspicious:

“The tender one”
“The amazing one”
“Lady of my dreams”
Feeling angry and betrayed, she impulsively called the first number to confront the person behind it, only to find out it was her husband’s mother. Confused, she dialed the second number, which turned out to be his sister.

With a heavy heart, she dialed the third number, only to realize it was her own phone that was ringing. Devastated by her doubts and the realization that her husband may have been innocent all along, she broke down in tears until her eyes were swollen.

In an attempt to make amends, she decided to give her husband her entire month’s salary as a gesture of apology and forgiveness. However, her husband took advantage of the situation. He accepted the money and used it to buy a gift for his actual girlfriend, whose contact name in his phone was saved as “Uncle Mike the mechanic.”

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