The Honeymoon Revelations

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A mother had three daughters, all of whom were virgins preparing to get married in a short span of time. Worried about how their married life would unfold, the mother devised a plan. She made them promise to send a postcard from their honeymoon, sharing a few words about their experiences with marital intimacy.

The first daughter promptly sent a card from Hawaii, just two days after her wedding. The card contained a single word: “Nescafe.” Perplexed, the mother went to the kitchen and retrieved the Nescafe jar. On it, she read the slogan: “Good till the last drop.” The mother blushed slightly but felt relieved and happy for her daughter.

A week passed, and the second daughter’s postcard arrived from Vermont. It bore the words: “Benson & Hedges.” The mother immediately reached for her husband’s cigarettes and read the packaging: “Extra Long King Size.” She blushed once again but couldn’t help feeling joy for her daughter’s fulfilling experience.

However, as the weeks went by, there was still no sign of a postcard from the third daughter, who had embarked on her honeymoon in the Caribbean. The mother grew increasingly anxious and waited with bated breath. Another week passed, and then an entire month went by without any news.

Finally, a card arrived, bearing shaky handwriting. The words on it read: “British Airways.” The mother, filled with trepidation, reached for her latest copy of Harper’s Bazaar magazine and anxiously flipped through the pages, fearing the worst. Eventually, she stumbled upon an advertisement for the airline.

The ad boldly proclaimed: “Three times a day, seven days a week, both ways.” Overwhelmed by the revelation, the mother’s embarrassment got the best of her, and she fainted.

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