The Forgotten Wishes

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One night, a man sat alone in his office when suddenly a genie materialized in a cloud of smoke. The genie spoke, “And what will your third wish be?”

Perplexed, the man looked at the genie and replied, “Huh? How can I have a third wish when I haven’t even had a first or second wish yet?”

The genie responded, “You’ve already had two wishes. However, your second wish was for me to restore everything to its state before you made your first wish. Consequently, you have no recollection because everything is back to how it was before you made any wishes. You have one wish remaining.”

“Alright,” said the man, “I find this hard to believe, but why not? I wish to be irresistible to women.”

Amused, the genie remarked, “Funny enough, that was your first wish as well.”

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