The Bicycle Wish

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A little boy yearned for a bicycle as his Christmas gift.

His mother regretfully informed him that she couldn’t afford to buy him a new bike. However, she suggested that if he wrote a letter to Jesus, promising to be a good boy in the future, perhaps Jesus might consider granting his wish.

The boy eagerly sat down to write the letter. “Dear Jesus, I promise to be good for one year…” He hesitated, crossed out the sentence, and wrote, “Dear Jesus, I promise to be good for one month.”

Still unsatisfied, he scratched out the line again and wrote, “Dear Jesus, I promise to be good for one week.” Feeling confused and unsure, he tore up the paper and decided to go for a walk.

As he passed by the local church, his eyes fell upon a nativity scene. Seizing the opportunity when nobody was watching, he swiftly pocketed the figurine of Mary, hiding it under his coat, and hurried home.

There, he composed a new letter. “Dear Jesus, if you ever want to see your mother again…”

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