Beneath Misunderstandings

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One day, a woman returned home early from work and discovered her husband in bed with a young and attractive woman.

Filled with anger, the woman shouted at her husband, “You slimy, disrespectful pig! How dare you do this to me!? I’m the mother of your children, and I’ve been faithful to you all these years! I want a divorce now!”

The husband pleaded, “Wait a second, my love. Let me explain what happened, at least.”

“Alright, let’s hear what you have to say for yourself,” the wife responded, eager to see how her husband would attempt to talk his way out of this situation. “But these are your last words.”

Her husband began to recount, “Today, when I left work and got into my car to head home, this woman asked me for a ride.”

“I noticed she was very thin and wearing tattered clothes covered in dirt and mud. She told me she hadn’t eaten in three days.”

“She looked so worn out that I took pity on her and allowed her into the car.”

“Out of compassion, instead of taking her directly to her destination, I brought her home first and warmed up a plate of goulash, the same dish I made for you last night, which you didn’t eat, claiming it would make you ‘gain weight.'”

“She devoured it within seconds.”

“As she needed to clean up, I offered her the use of our shower.”

“While she was showering, I noticed her clothes were extremely dirty and worn out, so I discarded them. She needed new clothes, so I gave her the old jeans you no longer wear because they’re ‘too tight.'”

“I also gave her some underwear I bought for you, which you didn’t wear because ‘I have bad taste in clothes.'”

“I found the shirt my mom bought you for Christmas, the one you refused to wear just to ‘annoy her.’ And I gave her the high heels you only wore once because ‘someone at work had the same pair.'”

The husband took a deep breath and continued…

“She was incredibly grateful for my understanding and assistance. As I walked her to the door, she turned around with tears in her eyes and asked…”

“You’re such a wonderful person! Is there anything else your wife doesn’t use?”

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