A priest and a nun are playing chess.

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The priest is very competitive, but he can’t seem to beat the nun who is clearly better.

After a clever move from the nun, the priest loses his queen and exclaims:

“Damn it! I lost it!”, shocking the nun.

She ignores it and the game continues.

But alas, after a brilliant checkmate from the nun, the priest loses his king and again shouts:

“Damn it! I lost it!” “Stop it,” says the nun.

“You can’t curse like that!”

The priest apologizes. “I’m sorry, sister.

I swear to you, if I do it again, may God strike me down with his wrath.”

“Fine.” mutters the nun. The game continues.

It’s going very well, but as fate would have it, the priest makes a blunder drops his rook, and yells another

“Damn it! I lost it!”

Suddenly dark, heavy clouds gather in the sky, and with a loud thunder,

a lightning bolt hits the earth and incinerates the NUN into dust…

A booming voice echoes from the heavens:

“Damn it! I lost her!”

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