A Prescription for Revenge

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One day, a woman walked into a pharmacy and approached the pharmacist with a dark request. She spoke in a hushed tone, “I’d like a poison that can eliminate my husband, disguising his death as a natural cause.”

Taken aback by the sinister request, the pharmacist responded firmly, “Ma’am, not only is it illegal for me to fulfill such a request, but I am obligated to report this to the authorities.”

Undeterred, the woman reached into her pocket and pulled out an item, handing it to the pharmacist. Curiosity piqued, he examined it closely. To his shock, it was a photograph revealing the woman’s husband engaged in an intimate act with the pharmacist’s own wife.

A mix of astonishment and anger washed over the pharmacist’s face. He paused for a moment, processing the newfound information. Then, he chuckled and remarked, “Oh, you should have mentioned you had a prescription.”

In that instant, the pharmacist realized that the woman sought a different kind of remedy. Her request for a lethal poison was a metaphorical expression of her desire for justice and retribution. The revelation of her husband’s infidelity ignited a fire within her, fueling her pursuit of revenge.

The pharmacist, with a newfound understanding, decided to assist the woman in a different way. He offered her advice on legal matters, counseling, and resources that could help her navigate the complicated situation she found herself in. Together, they devised a plan to address the marital betrayal through legal means, ensuring that justice would be served.

In this tale of A Prescription for Revenge, the woman’s quest for a poison transformed into a journey of empowerment and justice. It serves as a reminder that even in the face of betrayal, there are lawful channels to seek resolution and find solace.

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