A Prescription for Reflection

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A man fell ill and sought treatment at various comprehensive hospitals, but his condition remained uncured. He grew despondent.

Then, his wife made an unexpected suggestion, “Why don’t you consult a veterinarian?”

He was taken aback and shouted, “Are you out of your mind?” His wife calmly replied, “Nothing has happened to me. The problem lies with you.”

She continued, “You wake up early in the morning like a rooster, take a half-hearted bath like a crow, eat like a monkey, and then rush to the office like a racehorse. You work tirelessly like a donkey, bellowing at your subordinates like a wild bear. In the evening, you return home and bark at us like a dog. Later, you devour your food like a crocodile, and finally, you go to bed and sleep like a buffalo.”

“That’s why I suggested you see a veterinarian,” she concluded.

The man sat there in silence, and his wife jokingly asked, “Why are you staring at me like an owl?”

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